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Expandable Baton Seminar


When it comes to self-protection and force multipliers the expandable baton is a great self defense tool.  Utilized by law enforcement and military, the expandable baton is a great way to defend yourself or others against a single or multiple armed and unarmed attackers.  If you’re looking for ways to stay safe without having to use Deadly Force….we have a solution for you.  Let us be your first choice in person protection.


  • Safety
  • Application of Force
  • User/Subject Factors
  • Special Circumstance Factors
  • Liability Considerations
  • Characteristics of the ASP
  • Body Mechanics
  • Pyramid Concept
  • Relaxation vs. Tension Theory
  • 7 Elements of Power
  • Terminology
  • Stances of Defenses
  • Carrying the Baton
  • Drawing the Baton
  • Gripping the Baton
  • ASP Modes
  • Openings and Closing the Baton
  • Baton Strikes
  • Practical Application/Evaluation

Instructor:  Michael Munyon

Minimum number of participants:  8

Duration:  2-4 Hours