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Krav Maga Defensive Tactics

Trisens-USA LLC. is proud to offer Krav Maga Defensive Tactics in partnership with the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards. We have specialized training geared towards Law Enforcement and Military personnel wishing to enhance and hone their day to day self-defense tactics.

  1. It is my pleasure to announce that Trisens-USA Security Services has been approved by MCOLES to be an in-service provider for law enforcement personnel. We strive to offer law enforcement agencies competitive prices and quality training.  This program is LED approved.
  2. Our Defensive Tactics Instructor certification course can be found in MITN. This training is a great way to bolster your agencies Use of Force and Officer Safety training.
  3. We are currently charging agencies $399/person and the course includes 3 days (24 hours) of training and a Tactical Training Options Defensive Tactics Instructor certificate issued by Trisens-USA.
  4. Our instructors have numerous years of Law Enforcement, Security and firearms training that help make our program the best in the field.
  5. If you have any questions, please contact me at [email protected] .