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Security Guard Training


When it comes to having the right people providing security functions for your events, property and etc., it is VITAL that you have professionally trained security guards working for YOU.  Most of the time you’ll see a variety of people working security.

They include the following:

-High School Graduate:  No training and experience
-The Big/Tough Looking Guy:  This is only a deterrent, but does not anything with regards to experience or training.
-Military/Police Hopeful:  Using security as a stepping stone until they enter into the military or law enforcement career field.  They still lack formal training and have no experience.
-Unqualified Military/Police:  Failed to meet standards for entry level positions in the military or law enforcement career field.  This could be due to a variety of reasons and not necessarily anything bad.  Still, no experience or formal training.
-Retired Military/Police:  These outstanding individuals have put in their time serving the public and are possibly looking for part time work.  They have different types of experiences and training.  However, they might be working off an older security operations platform.  They require modern training to ensure they meet state, federal and local requirements and expectations.

Trisens-USA will train the right people for your needs.  Our training for the basic level Security Guard meet requirements above and beyond YOUR expectations.  We also utilize training records to train and certify our trainees so that our clients can see what kind of training they received.


Instructor:  Michael Munyon and Trisens-USA Staff


Minimum Number of Participants:  1


Hours:  Weekend Long Training Program or a few hours per day for a week if during the week days.