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Testimonial 1

Kathy Kiernan

Owner/Instructor Kiernan Hapkido Academy

“Michael Munyon and I both belong to the USKMAF. We have had the opportunity to work together at seminars and have spoken at length by phone over the years, discussing all aspects of the martial arts industry. He possesses an unquenchable love for the martial arts which causes him to invest an impressive amount of time practicing, teaching, and striving to improve in every area. As a result, his abilities, talents, and knowledge as a martial artist and instructor have been honed to a grade of excellence. As an instructor, he incorporates humor and patience while requiring attention to detail from his students without overwhelming them. The standard is set high, but the students enjoy the journey to obtain the goal. To sum it up, Michael Munyon is a talented credit to the modern martial arts industry.” 9 May 2011