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Testimonial 3

Anonymous Civil Servant

Offut AFB

“I am a civil servant at Offutt AFB NE educating the base populace in prevention of sexual assault. I also advocate for and assist sexual assault victims. I met Michael during Sexual Assault Awareness Month when I was searching for an instructor to teach a Women’s Self Defense class, and have known him now for over a year. He is totally and completely a gentleman, and a truly inspirational instructor for our classes. His ability to humor, instruct, and most importantly, set at ease all participants in the class, is admirable indeed.

Our classes are attended by women of all ages, between 12 and 65, some of whom have been the victim of some kind of assault. Michael very quickly set the tone of the class with respect and admiration for the women who attended in their search for more control in their lives. He taught many different aspects of self-defense, inspiring even the very tentative participants to come out of their shell and prove to themselves they were capable of defending themselves when necessary. Another avenue was helping them understand the necessity to always pay attention to their surroundings and notice discrepancies and anomalies. His instruction was explicit, efficient, and completely effective. We have received many emails from participants extolling Michael’s praises and thanking us for having him teach.” 12 May 2011